Pagbati para sa isa ka tawo…

Maayong adlawan nimo bai. Pasensiya na ka kay wala ko naka andam ug gift para nimo karon. Ang mas makalingaw, karong adlawa, ako pa ang nakadawat ug bouquet of red roses… pastilan!!! Hehehe. Daghang salamat jud!



Recovering from my very upset mode….

Now I am no longer very upset, but still UPSET! It has been sometime since I parted with my black box. I brought it back to the place where I bought it. They said they would have to send it back to the manufacturer. It would take maximum two weeks before I get an answer [...]



My little black box just died on me…

Of all the silliest, stupidest and dumbest thing I have ever done! I can’t access my external drive anymore. I have all my photos, docs, videos saved in that tiny little box. I didn’t even bother to make a back up of all those data because I never thought and definitely did not expect that [...]